Gendhuk (2017-2018)

‘Gendhuk’ is an interpretation of 3 years old children. In this process, most people will discuss how to see things in a cognitive way. The process of considering is a challenge for me to measure good visualization as a form of reading a phenomenon.

By displaying visuals that are familiar to me, this project presents various forms of analogies done by me while discussing interactive motivation from a child. ‘Gendhuk’ is an art project that displays shortcuts with visual forms from my interpretation process on the improvement of Leah (read: Nala’s daughter).

Then how to choose the right visual analogy to understand this?

In this project, I tried to divide thinking into three ways to refute, visual forms, abstraction and allegory logic. These three methods are the substitutes for me, updating is very easy, when playing with Leah, I try to look at the visual form of the information shown, so in the end the form of information is what I try to interpret in visual forms. The work featured in this project does not show details in form. In other words, I still invite everyone to gap and appreciate by supporting each of them. The visual analogy of each person will be very diverse, and not closed will lead to new discourse. The courses that appear can also be very diverse, and make it possible to bring up subjective views that question or dislike the visual form that is displayed.

The relationship of information with the meaning of the process experience that I do, makes a strong relationship between the image and the process of understanding of the one raised. This relationship will explain every meaning that I try to visualize in this project.


Gendhuk is taken from the Javanese language which means daughter. I adopted Gendhuk’s analysis from the story of Genduk Duku, who was a playmate of Roro Mendut since he was in the district of Pati. In the friendship between them, Genduk Duku was described as a child who grew up learning and absorbing every life experience experienced by Roro Mendut.

As a father, it is an obligation to always provide provisions for his offspring. This provisioning process is a measure for me to always equip Leah with good things to live his life later.


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